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“ESOCCO” is an international fur fashion company. The sketch, the fabric, the style, and every stitch from neck to ankle. ESOCCO affords the real deal. As the demand for coats made by ESOCCO increased, Fabulous-Furs evolved into a ready-to-wear business. Every coat from ESOCCO had the same quality in stitching, level of meticulous detail, and dedication to craftsmanship.


Identity & Branding, Print, Digital & Web





esocco layout-01.png

In 2003, Fabulous-Furs moved to Beijing. There is a sewing workroom where a team of cutters, sewers, quality inspectors, work to bring the vision and faux fur mission to life. Fabulous-Furs celebrity status and international appeal continues to grow from Russian to Turkey and just about everywhere in between, 46 countries and counting!

esocco final-01.png

Branding Design

I did the Visual Identity design for this brand, I extracted the fur elements to design the “o” of the brand. I selected the lowercase and designed these simple but strong letters.

esocco layout-04.png
esocco layout-06.png
esocco layout-03.png
esocco layout-07.png
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